About Domenic:

Domenic Pennetta is a scientific illustrator originally based in Northwest Ohio. Through art, Domenic has been able to explore many scientific disciplines such as biology and invertebrate zoology, ecology, and paleontology. He works both traditionally and digitally to create illustrations for clients worldwide, including researchers and professors, publishers, businesses, and nonprofits. Domenic holds a bachelor's certificate in Fine Art and a minor in Biology from the University of Toledo, Ohio. His work aims to promote enthusiasm for scientific topics and research among the general public. Domenic also works for the National Museum of the Great Lakes as their Communications Coordinator, which has influenced him to explore the wildlife of the Great Lakes in his most recent work.

Additionally, he creates speculative biology art depicting exobiological forms of life using fundamental scientific concepts. In 2021, Domenic founded a biannual speculative biology magazine called "Astrovitae" where he collaborates with other creators to curate and showcase their projects online. The magazine has proved beneficial for many artists at the beginning of their careers, offering them an opportunity to learn important writing skills and have their work published for the first time.

Domenic is always looking for commissions and collaborative opportunities. If you are interested in working with Domenic, feel free to reach out via email!



DIGITAL ILLUSTRATION: Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Premiere Pro), Affinity Suite (Photo, Designer, Publisher), and Krita

TRADITIONAL ILLUSTRATION: Charcoal, Graphite, Ink, Oil, and Watercolor

TECHNICAL: HTML, CSS, Ineractive PDFs, PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Blender 3D


Editorial & Scientific Illustration

Inland Seas Journal

Inland Seas is an award-winning quarterly journal by the Great Lakes Historical Society. The journal covers stories sharing the breadth of influence the Great Lakes has across North America. Not only is Domenic the assitent editor of Inland Seas, but he also contributes articles focusing on illustrating the interesting biology found in the Great Lakes region.

Scientific Illustration - Cytological

CellulArt Toledo

CellulArt is a conference that brings together the art and scientific communities of Northwestern Ohio, Southern Michigan, and Northeastern Indiana. The yearly event promotes collaboration, interaction, and discussion between researchers working with the cytoskeleton and artists, and appreciating the link between art and science.

Scientific Communication

Biodesign Challenge

The Biodesign Challenge is an education program and competition that shapes students into biodesigners. They partner university students with scientists, artists, and designers to envision, create, and critique transformational applications in the fields of biotechnology and ecology.