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Wikipedia Illustrator

February 2021

Domenic provides illustrations for Wikipedia pages that describe extinct prehistoric organisms, such as animals from the Ediacaran Period, sponges from the Burgess Shale, etc. Many of these species are not well depicted in Paleoart and require accurate reconstructions.

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Speculative Biology

Astrovitae Magazine

April 2021

Astrovitae is a free online magazine that focuses on the genre of speculative biology. The publication highlights interesting authors, artists, and enthusiasts around the world and showcases their speculative projects.
(Image Credit: Illustration by Mathijs Megens)

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Speculative Biology

Project Perditus

March 2020

Project Perditus is a worldbuilding and research project focused on the evolution of fictional organisms on a planet similar to Earth. Books, scientific papers, and observations are used to develop creatures that are visually compelling and scientifically plausible in some form.

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